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You’ve likely become good at ‘not showing how you really feel’ 

which makes you feel even more isolated and alone. 

You may be harboring feelings of anger, jealousy, or sheer disbelief … 

How did this happen to you? 

What do you do now? 

Your mind loops … every night when you hit your pillow it’s the same thing.   

You thought ‘time would heal’ but it’s been long enough.

You’re starting to wonder if something is wrong with you.

Newsflash:  Nothing is wrong with you.  

You are not broken.

We are misinformed.  

While time is an important factor in the healing process, it is not the only factor.  

If you want to truly heal and move on, you need to learn how to manage your mind.

In my Post-Divorce Journey Program, Divorced, Now What?! 

I will teach you how to do exactly that.

But you may be wondering, what does ‘managing your mind’ even mean? 

And how can that help ME?

Learning how to manage your mind is a process that will bring you back to yourself.

You will become more aware of your inner dialogue.  

You will learn how to differentiate between your circumstances 

and your thoughts about your circumstances. 

This new expanded state of awareness will help you start to make the shifts necessary to create lasting change and to get new results in your life.

I know because it worked for me.

My name is Shandy Arguelles, Divorce Attorney and Certified Divorce Coach.

I’ve been watching people move on (or NOT effectively move on) 

from their divorces for 20 years.  

Divorce court can be brutal and we are not taught how to truly cope with the life change that follows – especially if you have children.

If you are self-sabotaging, self-loathing, or just plain feel like you are missing out on something more, something better … this program is for you.

Gain courage and self-confidence through understanding who you are as your best self.

Say good bye to your old ways and welcome a new way.  

A new way that was created FOR you. 

The Post-Divorce Journey Program, Divorced, Now What?! 

Is a virtual course with short instructive and thought provoking videos with corresponding lessons in a workbook.

You can devote as much time as you want and go at your own pace. 

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You will learn new ways to THINK, FEEL, and DO after Divorce.

Get started today. You have a life waiting for you.

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What you’ll find in this course

Direction after Divorce® /Divorced, Now What? Course

Divorced, Now What? is an on-demand, self-paced, 5-module course which consists of a number of powerful techniques and trainings. The lessons will guide you on your journey and will bring you to closer to the extraordinary life you deserve.

Inside you will find:

✨ A series of powerful and proven techniques designed to guide you into a deeper connection with yourself and build a solid foundation to higher levels of self-awareness.

✨ Illuminating lessons for a better understanding behind the connection between the way you think and behave and how this creates the results in your life.

✨Ways to help you rediscover your values, interests, and self-confidence.  

✨ Plan of action to creating the life you want. 

✨Uplifting stories from like-minded women that will give you hope, determination, and support.

The list below shows you how the Direction after Divorce® course, Divorced, Now What? is structured. You will need to have access to a computer/tablet and should be comfortable using the Internet as you will be working on an e-learning platform.  The program is designed so you can watch, listen and learn on your own schedule and at your own pace.  You will have up to 1 year to complete the course; however most complete within 30 days.  After registering, you will receive an email with the log-in information.  

You’ll also have an opportunity to connect with me personally during live monthly group coaching calls and live Q&A Sessions. To complete the course, you will watch a series of videos.  You are encouraged to do the exercises in the printable workbooks as well as participate in Q&A sessions to master the concepts. All calls will be recorded and uploaded for your later review.

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Direction after Divorce® /Divorced, Now What? Course Overview

Module 1 – Processing Feelings

You’ll learn what it means to “process your feelings” and why that is important. We’re also going to talk about how to know if you are not processing your feelings – what that looks like and then, of course, HOW to process them.

Module 2 – Thought Awareness

In this Module, you will become more aware of your inner dialogue. You will learn how to differentiate between your circumstances and your thoughts about your circumstances. Your expanded state of awareness will help you start to make the shifts necessary to create lasting change and to get new results in your life.

Module 3 – Self-Care & Confidence

This lesson covers what “self-care” truly means and teaches concepts that will benefit your long-term wellness to include boundaries and buffering. You will identify your buffering zones and discover how to restore and reconnect with yourself.

Module 4 – Self-Accountability

In this very powerful lesson, you’ll learn how to reclaim all of your power. Oftentimes the hardest lesson to swallow, we will navigate self-accountability, balance it against self-doubt, and round out with self-forgiveness. You no longer need to feel like a victim. Be empowered to regain control over your life again.

Module 5 – Creating the life you want

In this final lesson, we are going to talk about growth and awareness and explore new possibilities moving forward. With all the lessons learned in Divorce, Now What? you will be better equipped to create a new vision for your future and formulate an actionable plan to make it your reality.

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